Tetley's Tea Folk characters are set to break out of advertising and onto products this year with the launch of branded food and homeware.

Brand owner Tata Global Beverages said it planned to license the characters for use on a range of goods. Although it is keeping product details under wraps, it did reveal that a bakery product would go on sale exclusively in one supermarket chain in September, followed by the launch of biscuits the following month. Homeware items and gift packs will also be launched this year.

"For us, the key thing is that products must be of high enough quality that they can stand on their own feet," said Tetley marketing manager Anand Gandesha. "It is not just a matter of putting the Tea Folk on a product."

The Tetley Tea Folk, who first appeared in 1973, were axed in 2001 but returned to screens last September as part of a £9m ad push.