Premier Brands is throwing its weight behind Typhoo Tea with a £15m support package, including an £8m advertising spend, this year. Premier's ambitious plan is to reverse the decline in overall tea consumption by attracting younger and more upmarket consumers. Despite being an English institution, tea has a somewhat dowdy image and is primarily consumed by the over 45s. Household penetration is in decline as tea's existing customer base ages and it fails to attract new drinkers. "Tea has a traditional image and is lacking in excitement. Some 12% of people don't drink tea," said Premier Brands marketing controller tea Graeme Lindsay. "There is an enormous opportunity to reverse the decline in volume by emphasising tea's refreshing qualities and attracting new users." Typhoo has a three tier strategy, involving dedicated branded tea bars, the first of which is in the Millennium Dome, advertising and product development. It has just appointed a new ad agency, which is preparing a new creative strategy for launch later in the year. {{P&P }}