The debate over the health benefits of tea rumbled on this week with researchers now claiming that a good brew could indeed be good for you ­ but only if you have a heart attack first! Boffins at Harvard University found that the death rate among heavy tea drinkers after a cardiac arrest was less than any other group surveyed. Research leader Prof Kenneth Mukamal concluded that the ingredients in a good cuppa may prevent degeneration of the arterial wall. As The Grocer went to press, it was unclear whether the likes of Tetley, PG and Typhoo were planning to make this good news/bad news message part of their marketing spin. One insider admitted: "It's a bit of a mixed message. It would be like saying Great news, tea is definitely good for your health. Unfortunately, you may have to put up with having a heart attack first just to make sure that you fully reap the rewards." {{COUNTERPOINT }}