The Apprentice finalist Nick Holzherr is gearing up to launch the grocery website that failed to win over Lord Alan Sugar.

Holzherr pitched ‘Whisk’ - which using a plug-in allows shoppers to click on recipes on a web page and go to an online chain to buy the ingredients - in this year’s The Apprentice but came third in the final.

Holzherr is now negotiating with supermarkets with a view to introducing the service. “In a supermarket, it’s impossible for brands to place a product in a trolley but Whisk can,” he said. “If a recipe requires cream cheese, Philadelphia can put its product in as a ‘sponsored listing’.”

Whisk could also drive online shoppers to a particular supermarket site, he added: “We will provide more traffic. We’ll also help with customer retention by sending disengaged users tailored recipes.”

Holzherr acknowledged a “few others” did something similar, such as Ocado on the BBC Good Food website, but said his tool had advantages. “If a recipe needs butter, Ocado offers a wide selection. But we look at your demographic, price point, and recommend a butter.”

The site will launch this summer.