Morrisons is to run low energy company training

An energy-saving drive piloted by penguin keepers at London Zoo is being rolled out this week across leading food and drink companies in a bid to plug what its creators claim are “incredible” gaps in the accountability and education of the workforce.

Coca-Cola Enterprises and Morrisons are among those launching training schemes under the Low Energy Company initiative run by the Energy Managers’ Association.

Under its programme, companies pledge to provide training to staff through a range of approved schemes, which will give them LEC accreditation.

A launch event this week was due to announce the involvement of companies representing two million employees, with the food and drink sector identified as a priority.

“We are signing up companies to come up with pledges to train their workforce on how they can reduce their individual energy use,” said EMA chief executive Lord Redesdale.

“There are some huge gaps to fill,” he added. “For example, there are global companies whose IT departments, a major source of energy use, don’t have any accountability for their energy bill. I find that incredible.”

Lord Redesdale said employers were generating huge carbon emissions through simple lapses such as leaving too many emails in their inbox, which in turn incurred huge increases in cost.

London zoo was chosen as the launch venue after the pilot scheme saw it reduce the 500,000 litres of water used in the penguin pool each day.