Supermarket shoppers will soon be able to check their meat is up to standard thanks to the launch of a free app.

Using the ‘Where’s This From’ smartphone app, shoppers can scan packs of meat to get information on provenance and the slaughterhouse that supplied the product to the supermarket.

The app will also tell the shopper the level of FSA compliance the slaughterhouse has achieved for hygiene and animal welfare, ranging from ‘best in the class’ to ‘could do better’.

“While the FSA monitors meat produced from operators to make sure it’s safe, some UK supermarkets sell meat from operators that do not meet the highest standards set by the FSA,” said a spokeswoman.

“The app is very simple to use as it links to the EU Identification Mark with a four-digit code that is already printed on packs. Shoppers simply need to pick up the packet of meat or mince they are about to buy, find the relevant code on the packaging and then type it into the search screen.”

The app - available to download for free - launched this week and is currently only available on Android phones.

A version for the iPhone is set to be launched soon.