JJ Food Services

JJ: Impressed by simplicity for users of relex system

JJ Foodservice says it has slashed the time spent on stock ordering and replenishment by 25% since introducing supply forecasting software from Finnish retail technology company Relex.

The foodservice wholesaler, which operates eight depots throughout the UK, introduced the technology in May.

The system works by crunching sales and inventory data to automate buying proposals to the team. Once confirmed by JJ’s buyers, the software automatically creates a purchase order and sends it direct to the supplier for processing, driving down administration time.

“What has impressed us most is how simple the system is from a user point of view,” said JJ Foodservice Mushtaque Ahmed. “Training literally took half an hour as it’s a single dashboard.”

Ahmed added that the technology has also reduced inventory stock levels from 15 to 13 days and increased availability of slow-moving items by 10%.

JJ Foodservice anticipates that the software will deliver a further 35% reduction in stock processing time over the next three months, allowing more focus on supplier and customer relationships.