Marks & Spencer is using nanotechnology to keep men smelling fresh.

From next week, M&S ‘Superlite’ suits and ‘Performance’ blazers will have ‘DeoTag’ patches of military-grade nano-porous fibres sewn into the underarms that eliminate the smell of human sweat.

The patches, developed by fabric innovation specialists Odegon Technologies, are made from a mesh of absorbent material that would cover a full size tennis court if stretched out.

The patches absorb and trap the molecules that cause body odour. When the garment is cleaned, the molecules are flushed out. Odegon said the patches remained effective however many times the garment was worn or cleaned.

“Our invention can be easily manufactured into all types of garments for a fraction of the cost of chemical finishes,” said a spokesman for Odegon Technologies.

“No special machinery is required and manufacturers can easily introduce DeoTags into their production lines as a unique selling item. We have worked closely with M&S to integrate this product into a selection of its suits and a blazer, to create innovative, distinctive garments fit for the modern lifestyle.”

The material used in the patches was originally patented by the Ministry of Defence in 1942 for use in gas masks.

It is still used in the production of gas masks and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear suits.