Mobile app Loyalli, which allows independent retailers to run a loyalty stamp scheme via a smartphone app rather than a card, has teamed up with its first c-store.

The app has been launched at a Premier store in Burnley and, if successful, will be rolled out to more than 2,700 Premier stores.

Loyalli does not need any PoS integration. Retailers specify their unique offers to Loyalli, which then supplies printouts of QR codes for retailers to display at their tills. Customers can then scan them with their mobiles.

“We aim to use the Premier store to showcase how Loyalli can be used across all retail sectors,” said Loyalli director Rob King. “Loyalli goes beyond being a direct replacement to paper loyalty cards by providing both consumer insight and a platform from which to market and engage customers.”

The app is currently free to retailers and customers, but Loyalli is preparing to launch a premium paid-for version that will include added functionality for retailers.