Menzies van

Menzies’ new division will deliver travel brochures

Menzies Distribution has created a new division to make the most of its fleet after the daily round of core newspaper and magazine deliveries have been made.

Menzies Logistics Solutions will deliver travel brochures in the North West and South East of England to travel agents, as well as collect free newspapers and magazines from printers and deliver them to London railway and underground stations.

It will also pick up newspapers from publishers and deliver them to its own depots.

Menzies Distribution MD David McIntosh said the new division was already in talks with high-street retailers about fulfilling other deliveries in the future.

“This makes perfect sense,” he said. “We’re making the most of our assets. And with travel brochures, in most cases, we’re delivering newspapers and magazines to the shop next door anyway.”

The move is part of McIntosh’s plans to diversify away from core newspaper and magazine distribution, which has been hit by falling volumes.

He predicted Menzies Logistics Solutions would generate profits of £5m in the next year.