Developers of a new type of food wrap made from plants claim it will extend the supermarket shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables by up to five days.

Sirane’s team of scientists spent two years attempting to strike a perfect balance between humidity and permeability in the wrapping.

Sirane’s managing director Simon Balderson says the team has now achieved what he describes as the “holy grail” for the fruit and vegetable industry - a “significant” extension of shelf life for retailers.

“These results are remarkable and we think the food industry will be as excited as we are,” said Balderson.

The product prevented condensation from forming while also stopping it from drying out, he claimed.

“In simple terms, the food lasts longer. Shelf life extension of several days is achieved for many products including salads,” he said.

“A huge amount of food is wasted because it goes off before it is eaten. The supermarkets throw loads away every day. Consumers do the same, We can also make it more likely that the consumer will have a quality product in good condition when they get it home.”