US-based savvy shopping website Groceree is gearing up to launch in the UK.

Billed as an ‘online grocery concierge’, Groceree will let shoppers searching for a particular item find out which nearby supermarket is offering it the cheapest.

“We tell shoppers where to get the lowest price at the nearest location,” said co-founder Ken Bartlett. “So shoppers save time as well.”

Bartlett acknowledged Groceree’s price comparison function was similar to that of, but said the Groceree website and smartphone app would be less “clunky”.

Groceree was also working on incorporating a social element to the app to allow offers to be shared via social media, and to allow shopping lists to be shared with friends and family.

“We are starting to take things a step further from only finding prices in an area,” said Bartlett. “We will have a rating system for people to share their shopping experience with their Facebook and Twitter followers, along with other users of Groceree.”

Groceree is currently being trialled by about 250 users. The free app will go live in September.