British pork campaigners are stepping up their targeting of Tesco over "barrow-boy economics" amid insufficient support for the British pig industry.

As The Grocer went to press, the British Pig Industry Support Group was vowing to get 100 producers to protest at Tesco's agm on Friday (1 July), highlighting that high-welfare farmers lost about £10 on every pig sold to Tesco.

The demonstration, in Nottingham, would also draw attention to the impact of rising feed costs over the past 12 months, which had hit pig farmers hard, the BPISG said.

The BPISG demo at Tesco's agm will feature placards saying 'Your barrow-boy economics don't work no more guv' as well as posters with Morrisons and McDonald's logos under the headline 'quality supply chains they can do it, so why can't Tesco?'.