Tesco has claimed that for the first time it has become the leading English apple retailer, according to research data from Taylor Nelson Sofres. In the 20 weeks to December 9, it sold 21.5% of the total English Cox crop, the equivalent of 25 million apples. In the same period it sold 20.5% of England's 45 million dessert apples including Discovery, Spartan, Worcester and Egremont Russet. For every £100 spent on Cox's, £21.30 was spent in Tesco, and for every £100 spent on English dessert apples, £20.90 was spent in Tesco. Tesco has published the figures as suppliers call on the chain to sell large volume quickly in a vintage crop year which is 25% larger, with a much higher proportion of marketable fruit Buyer Simon Latham said that as a result, large volumes were in danger of being binned or juiced if they could not be sold, at a time of the year when the crop is usually in short supply. Tesco is promoting buy one get one free' for Cox prepacks, and selling loose fruit at 64p/kg. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}