Tesco is now selling Scottish shoppers chicken from the Fife-based production site of 2 Sisters rather than the so-called '1,000-mile chicken'.

Stores began selling small and medium-sized whole birds on Tuesday, with chicken portions to be sold from tomorrow (Sunday) and larger whole birds from two weeks time.

Tesco had been criticised by environmental groups after it emerged that it was transporting chickens farmed in Perthshire to Essex to be packed before sending them back to be sold in Scotland. The chain had insisted it was a short-term solution to keep supply going following Grampian's closure of its Banff packing facility.

Tesco said it put the new arrangements into place as soon as it could, adding that the move was not a reaction to media pressure.

"This is great for consumers, communities and the environment," said a 2 Sisters spokesman, adding that the company wanted to supply all Scottish retailers with regional chicken.