Tesco's Irlam store got the thumbs up from our shopper for its new store layout. Our shopper said it was a radical change from the usual superstore. Non foods being the first aisle you came into contact with, and chilled and fruit and veg aisles at the rear and centre made it more efficient to work and shop in. The store also supplied the cheapest full basket at £39.04. But its new electronic shelf-edge pricing spotted in the biscuit aisle looked dull compared to the yellow tickets on other shelf edges. Morrisons came in for criticism over store congestion this week as baskets containing specials were in the middle of aisles and overflowing on aisle ends. Safeway, too, was described as cramped and also grubby. No scales at the checkout meant fruit and veg had to be logged by the shopper ­ the probable cause for apples becoming leeks and 38p more expensive. Meanwhile, faulty bags at Somerfield had fruit and veg ending up on the floor. Specials offset price hikes that included the first sighting of pricey Jersey Royals. Somerfield, Waitrose and Sainsbury had the ongoing 25p off Nescafé while Asda went one better with 26p off. Somerfield was also offering a bacon bogof, 50% extra on sausages, and an exceptionally low price for Persil Tablets at £1.52. {{GROCER 33 }}