Tesco is trialling biodegradeable packaging for its organic fruit, following a lead set by Sainsbury at the beginning of the year. It will use biodegradeable material made out of starch on organic fruit trays, cling film wrappings and plastic nets. And it will extend the environmentally friendly packaging across its entire food range if the experiment proves successful. Tesco organic fruit development manager Paul Bidwell said: "The biodegradeable materials we use decompose naturally outdoors and so household bin waste can be kept to a minimum. "By the end of October Tesco's entire fruit range will be packaged in biodegradeable materials. "The idea is that biodegradable packaging will be introduced on all products, organic and non-organic, but we are seeing how this goes first." Sainsbury introduced limited starch-based packaging across its organic fruit and vegetable range in January this year. At the time ceo Sir Peter Davis said: "If this innovation proves popular with our customers, we would like to use these trays more widely." {{NEWS }}