Tesco would be prepared to look at alternatives to aggressive price cutting on beer, according to its head of beers, wines and spirits. Dan Jago&'s pledge followed criticism of price cutting around the World Cup by the multiples from a leading brewer last week (The Grocer, 3 June, p17).
However, Jago added, Tesco would insist that brewers were prepared to address confusion surrounding beer pack sizes.
&"Pack sizes are an important area of discussion for beer,&" he said. &"It is very confusing for consumers and we want to see clarity.&"
Jago, who only recently took up the BWS role at Tesco, said big box deals created confusion when the 20 or 24 cans or bottles inside ranged in size from 207ml to 440ml, making it hard for consumers to shop in the category. &"Making life simple for customers is a way of life for us,&" he said, adding that Tesco would continue to be competitive.