Tesco has taken a further step to reduce its carbon footprint in Scotland. It has awarded a £15m contract to logistics firm Stobart Group, which will provide it with a dedicated rail freight service running from Grangemouth to Inverness.

The service will run six days a week and will replace more than 13,000 lorry journeys each year, equivalent to 1.8 million lorry miles or 5.3 million freight tonnes being removed from the road annually.

"Moving this freight on to rail shows how ambitious Tesco is when it comes to cutting our environmental footprint," said Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy.

Stobart will collect goods from Tesco's new one million sq ft distribution centre at Livingston and deliver them to the Grangemouth rail terminal where they will be loaded on to a train for Inverness and later distributed by road to various Tesco stores in the area.