Tesco is planning major changes to the layout of its London Metro stores during the Olympic Games, suppliers have been told.

The Grocer has learnt the stores will devote up to 80% of shelf space to food-to-go and other products aimed at the hordes of tourists visiting the Games every day.

It is also believed to be drawing up plans to change navigation around stores in a bid to avoid chaos from queues at stores in the vicinity.

Talks with suppliers suggest Tesco will temporarily remove many lines from sale, including slower-selling household items, for the duration of the event. Tesco has 25 Metro stores, with an average size of 11,000 sq ft, within 10 miles of the olympic Park, where 240,000 spectators are expected to arrive by train every hour.

Suppliers have been told it has been considering a number of ways to try to prevent chaos from queues - including Ikea-style aisle layouts that force shoppers to follow a set route around the store.

“At the moment we are making improvements and upgrades to a number of our stores across the UK, including in London,” said a Tesco spokeswoman. “Through this programme, we will ensure that visitors to our refreshed stores during the Olympic and Paralympic Games will find a wide range of refreshments and snacks available and that the stores themselves offer customers a modern and convenient shopping experience.”