Tesco’s long-awaited online Marketplace could go live as soon as next week.

Part of a wider revamp of tesco.com, the Marketplace is Tesco’s answer to Amazon, letting third parties sell direct to shoppers. Tesco would take a cut from each sale made via the site.

Philip Clark signalled the launch was imminent as he said Tesco would press the accelerator on its wider bid to get the UK business back on track.

“We had a three-year plan for the UK but now we’re going to do it all in 2012,” he told The Sun. “This is the beginning of a big change.”

Yesterday Tesco announced plans to create up to 20,000 new jobs in a drive to improve customer service, which Clarke had previously identified as a key factor in rivals taking market share. However, critics suggested the number of genuinely new role being created could be considerably lower.