Tesco has teamed up with a new social network website dubbed ‘Facebook for groceries’.

Launched by Digital Foodie, Foodie.fm claims to be the first social network to offer a shopping platform for groceries via a fully integrated checkout with Tesco.com.

As well as making ‘friends’ with other food lovers and swapping tips and recipes, visitors to the website can click on photos of recipes. The site then builds an editable shopping list of the necessary ingredients with Tesco.com. For example, if a user clicked on a picture of lasagne, a shopping list would appear with mince, onions, garlic, tomatoes etc.

Foodie.fm checks with Tesco that items are available before the order is then paid for and delivered.

The website - also available as a free multichannel smartphone app - can be tailored to the individual user. Users set their personal preferences when joining the site, such as foods they would normally buy or avoid, allergies and budgets. The website then suggests recipes and groceries that match the customer’s personal profile.

“Grocery retail is undergoing a significant behavioural and technological shift towards personalised online services,” said Digital Foodie CEO Kalle Koutajoki. “If you are on a gluten-free diet, for example, it can be very helpful to see what others with gluten-free diets are buying.”