Tesco is set to unveil a new weapon in the war against shoplifters after its security boss revealed that the chain is being targeted by organised criminal gangs.

The UK’s biggest retailer is set to launch new software that allows it to analyse data on the security risks each of its UK stores face after successful trials in its Turkish and Malaysian operations.

“We’re getting away from a one-size-fits-all approach,” said group security director Alan Brown, speaking exclusively to The Grocer. The trial will begin in stores in Hertfordshire over the next few weeks.

“It is fundamentally moving to a risk-based, risk management approach. We’re looking at the risks that conflict with our stores and putting in the necessary controls.”

As Tesco continued its push into higher-value non-food items such as electrical, the need for tightened security was clear, said Brown. “We tend to suffer around high value goods such as mobile phones,” he added. “We have organised criminals trying to move from store to store.”

Brown also warned the Home Office’s introduction of publicly elected police and crime commissioners, a move the PM says will “ensure the public have a voice”, will result in business leaders being ignored. “Our challenge is to ensure our voice is heard,” he said. “Despite assurances business will be included, no mechanism has come forward to give us the confidence that that’s the case.”