A French gourmet popcorn brand has teamed up with Blinkbox, Tesco’s online movie streaming service, to launch a limited-edition aphrodisiac popcorn flavour for Valentines Day.

The ‘popcorn for lovers’ from Cheeky Frog is a combination of ginseng, ginger and chocolate, which the brand says are known for their individual aphrodisiac qualities. Boxes of the snacks will be offered to a selection of Blinkbox subscribers, as well as to Twitter followers who send the best tweets about who they would like to share the snacks with and why.

The collaboration is the second time Blinkbox has worked with Cheeky Frog to reward its customers and build positive buzz about the brands on social media. In December, the film streaming site sent customers exclusive gifts of Cheeky Frog’s chocolate orange flavoured popcorn.

Since Tesco bought an 80% share in Blinkbox in April 2011, it has used the service to boost its in-store entertainment offering, as well as offering ‘dinner and a movie’ promotional tie-ins.

Cheeky Frog, which exhibited at Sial last year, is currently unavailable in the UK.