September 23, 1900. At Melton Mowbray Horse Show, on Wednesday, the dairy produce entered for competition showed a great improvement. The prize winners included : Six Stiltons made in 1900. 1 and 3 Mrs. T.H. Wright, Wycombe; 2 and h.c., George Green, Twyford; c. W.S.Walpole, Twyford. Four Stiltons made in 1900. 1, Mrs. W. Loomes, Keyham, Leicester; 2 Mrs. John F.S. Earpe, Brantcliffe Lodge, Baggrave. Three Stiltons made in 1900, by cottagers not occupying more than twenty acres of land. 1 and 3 James Hyman, Saxelby; 2. George Hodgkinson, Kirby Billars. {{COUNTERPOINT }}