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The new speciality fries range from McCain, Cajun Curly Fries, is aimed at consumers who want to liven up their mealtimes

henry jones, Bed & Breakfast owner, 65, wales

I do a lot of the cooking in our house and therefore I am always on the lookout for more exciting varieties of standard products.

I use oven chips quite often because of their convenience factor, and I actually prefer them to fried ones.

As a frozen convenience product, Cajun Curly Fries from McCain is great. It delivers on all counts as it is easy to prepare and tastes delicious. They also are very moreish.

Compared with other offerings on the market, I would go for this newcomer every time. The product is also competitively priced.

Only snag, it is not the healthiest option.

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McCain cajun curly fries

McCain Foods

£1.64 per 750g bag consumer’s verdict