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Cafédirect is hoping to invigorate the whole bean market with the launch of what it claims to be the first Fairtrade whole bean coffee range
Melissa Bowen, marketing executive 30, Birmingham
I am a big fan of all things fair trade and, on top of this, I am also a keen coffee drinker, so these products appealed to me before I even tasted them.
I liked all three varieties. They were very different, but all had nice tastes and were very flavoursome.
The smell when making them was also delicious and extremely inviting.
The packaging is attractive and I would notice it on shelf. I particularly liked all the information about the growers carried on each pack, which I found very interesting.
I shall without doubt buy these again and think the £2.99 price tag is very fair.
Score: 24/25
Total score: 42/50
Product: cafédirect whole bean coffee range Company: cafédirect
Price: £2.99 per 227g packconsumer’s verdict