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Price: £2.79 per 4 x 330ml consumer’s verdict

Bavaria Malt is a 100% alcohol-free beer that promises to deliver a refreshing, full-bodied taste
Lydia Jones, regional sales manager, 33, Liverpool
Initially this looks like a regular, good-quality alcoholic beer, and when it’s poured it looks like the real thing, with an appetising golden colour.
However, on drinking, all I could really taste was a certain yeastiness. Apart from that, it was pretty watery.
If someone really fancies a beer, or wants to look the part when they’re out, but can’t drink alcohol for any reason, then this is a decent option.
However, it’s not good enough to make me choose it over the other soft drinks I would normally go for when I’m out. But I’d consider getting some in to offer to guests who are driving.
Total score: 35/50