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Made for children, the Martha and Lawrence ready meals come in three varieties, each made from locally sourced vegetables and beef
Lottie Nelson, marketing executive, 33 Plymouth, devon
As a working mother of two, I am always on the lookout for new ‘good for you’ alternatives to the available array of unhealthy children’s ready meals.
On paper, the Martha and Lawrence range sounds great with its good quality and wholesome claims.
However, from a busy mum’s perspective, the fact that you have to cook your own vegetables as well as the rice or spaghetti is a huge turn-off, as it takes away the convenience factor.
Worse still, my children needed a lot of encouragement to eat up and were not impressed with the two options they tried.
Score: 5/25
Total score: 25/50
Product: Martha and lawrence ready meals Company: Martha and lawrence
Price: £2.59 per mealconsumer’s verdict