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An 8% abv bottle-conditioned, crafted beer, King Cobra is fermented a second time in Belgium’s Rodenbach brewery to bring out its fine ingredients

Total Score: 39/50
Product: King Cobra
Company: Cobra Beer
Price: £3.99 per 750ml bottle

Consumer’s Verdict
Ross Ericsson, 38
Financial Associate, Mayfair, London

The packaging looks expensive but more like something you would find in a fine wine department. This may be a drawback if Cobra is trying to appeal to lager drinkers. It has a great crisp taste, but is far more gassy than the normal Cobra. It doesn’t taste as offensively strong as the usual 8% lagers, but I’m not sure how much you could tolerate if you were eating and drinking because it seems gassier than normal. The King Cobra has a much better taste than other 8% lagers, but its cloudiness really lets it down. It loses some points for excess gas, but mostly for the cloudiness of appearance.