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Salad shakers

From: Heinz

Salad Shakers from Heinz is primarily targeted at 16 to 45-year-old women. But the snack brand is also positioned as a healthy lunchtime option for men with hectic lifestyles.
Price: £2.99 each
Total score: 40/50

Consumer’s verdict
Anja Keller, Accountant,
30, Plymouth, Devon

This product looks very inviting - colourful, fresh and healthy. The packaging is good as it makes the salads look easy to eat on the go or at the desk.
The ‘proper’ size fork is a nice detail and is a lot better to eat with than the smaller ones.
On tasting the product I was very surprised at how crispy and fresh it was because often with pre-packed salads the crunch has usually gone.
Shaking the dressing in works really well as it spreads evenly. However, the shaking does not mix the salad very well and leaves the meat/cheese at the bottom of the container.
Both the Chicken Caesar and Greek Salad variants are delicious but I prefer the latter.
At £2.99 each I would buy the product again but I do think it is slightly expensive compared with a sandwich, and not quite as filling.

Score: 21/25

Buyer’s verdict
Stewart Waldie,
buying controller, Nisa-today’s

The initial impact of this product is very good. The upright dish will have a great shelf presence and attract the customer’s eye, especially when compared to its competitors in the chiller cabinet.
In use, the concept of adding the dressing and shaking works for the dressing, but does not really mix the content enough, leaving the meat or cheese - depending on the variant - at the bottom of the dish.
The container stands out excellently on shelf, but is slightly awkward to eat from. The taste of the two variants I tried was very acceptable and certainly stands up well against other products on the market.
I think this should be a successful addition to the existing Heinz food-to-go chiller range if positioned at a competitive price point.

Score: 19/25