Consumer's view
kris james, 26, corporate sales manager, canterbury
The sweetness of the first spoonful of Rum and Blackcurrant took me back to childhood summers and Ribena but, after the second, the subtle flavour of rum was evident, too. From the third onwards, it was a lovely combination.
The rum flavour is very delicate and a sophisticated accompaniment to the sweetness of the blackcurrant. This one will definitely be a hit.
With the Gin and Orange, the gin's flavour came out immediately and surprised me with its strength.
I'm not usually a gin drinker ­ which probably has something to do with the fact I raided my parents' cocktail cabinet when I was 11 ­ but I got quite into this.
I definitely had the feeling that I shouldn't eat too much if I intended to drive though!
Score: 17/25