from Trevor Bailey, Nottingham

Sir; Regarding the ‘Fly in the ketchup’ Comment (The Grocer, February 4, p28), surely you are missing the point. It’s not just the case that Heinz makes ketchup and HP makes brown sauce, and they are not interchangeable.
The fact is that HP makes a top-selling brand of baked beans in tomato sauce and the Daddies brand of tomato ketchup is also made by HP, thereby giving Heinz an unacceptable share of the market following its deal to buy HP Foods. Branston’s move into baked beans and ketchup may be welcome, but how easy is it to buy another brand of sweet pickle other than Branston?
When one manufacturer dominates a given sector, the first thing to go is price competition and the second thing to go,as one brand dominates,is customer choice.
Perhaps it is you who should “truly understand the market”.