InBev UK is investing in the first advertising for its recently launched Beck's Vier brand.

The outdoor and online campaign plays on the name Vier (German for four), which reflects the brand's abv. The poster ad features 100 objects, four of which are different from the rest. A range of websites, particularly those favoured by the brand's target audience of 25 and over, will also feature advertising for the beer.

Marketing manager Richard Ingram said, "Beck's Vier appeals to consumers looking for a refreshing beer with less alcohol but with a distinctive taste and premium image, and the campaign exactly reflects this. It's all about being that bit different; being one step ahead. "Beck's Vier has been a major hit with consumers since its launch six months ago and we're ensuring the roll-out gathers even more momentum with this first burst."

In addition to the advertising, which will run between 25 September and 1 November, there will be sampling activity through retailers to further raise awareness of the brand.