Green tea has been a small category, but more people are drinking it. After Christmas, it does a step change - most of the growth is in the New Year when people detox to be more healthy and then stay with it.

Promotions are an important driver of sales. Consumers are shopping across more stores than in the past and promotions are a great way of ensuring your shoppers get all their tea needs from you. Positioning tea next to complementary impulse categories such as biscuits can also drive sales of both products.

Although the health trend is important, it's also important to use your tea space wisely and remember that normal teabags still deliver the majority of sales.

Whole sectors of tea can be affected by region. Fruit and herbal tea is a small and growing sector, but in London it already accounts for one in 10 tea sales and is still growing. This is double the share of fruit and herbal teas in Yorkshire. Areas with a large concentration of affluent shoppers, particularly, will have increased sales of speciality, fruit and herbal teas.