Bogof's not one for conspiracy theories, but had to stop and think twice this week when reading that scientists had discovered that tomato soup could increase fertility in men. Not just any tomato soup, mind. The subjects in the University of Portsmouth study had eaten a 400g can of Heinz cream of tomato soup daily for two weeks. Apparently the lycopene in this family favourite improves the quality of sperm, prompting Heinz's media boss Nigel Dickie to quip: "It's good to know our tomato soup can boost your mojo and give you extra oomph." But what isn't clear is how it came about that the scientists were using Heinz soup. Could the same effects be had from own label tomato soup - or even a Cup a Soup (what better for fertility than a 'hug in a mug?') And what about actual tomatoes? Could the experiment not have used these? Or did the people at Heinz happen to have some spare cases of soup kicking around the office, until some bright spark said: "I know, how about we send them to some scientists?"