O Country Life Art & Antiques, one-shot, £4.95, on sale for 12 weeks from May 17 to August 9, MarketForce £ Personal Computer World will be conducting a regional price test in the North West TV region for issues dated July 01 to September 01. The price in this region will increase from £2.99 to £3.20, Marketforce P Improve Your Coarse Fishing Emap is giving backing to the tune of £250,000 to promote this revamped title, which is on sale June 16. The title also has a new logo and design to widen its appeal and bring in new readers while still giving existing buyers what they expect. Editorial content will be expanded, Marketforce P Beano Television and DC Thomson in-house advertising from 23 June B Score September 2001 issue os June 26 is a double issue' increasing from 100 to 200 pages, distributed by MMC L Arsenal Squad File Special, on sale August 2, £1.60, MMC L News of the World Football Annual, on sale August 6, £5.99, MMC L Cosmo Girl from Nat Mags has a confirmed launch date of September 20 {{CTN }}