Under normal circumstances Cadbury Schweppes would probably be delighted to receive as much press coverage as it did last weekend - but unfortunately for the chocolate giant these are far from normal circumstances.

Unless you've been living under a particularly large stone, you will already know that last month the company was forced to recall one million chocolate bars after it was discovered they could be contaminated with salmonella.

The saga has gone from bad to worse and now, according to The Times, the company and its directors face prosecution after its chocolate was named by health officials as the likely source of 13 of 37 recent cases of salmonella.

The Independent said Cadbury was considering compensating victims of poisoning linked to its chocolate, while The Daily Mail suggested the episode would end up costing the company £30m in lost sales. "Have you lost your appetite for Cadbury's chocolate?" the paper asked its readers.

Meanwhile, The Sunday Mirror reported that Asda had sent England striker Wayne Rooney for an early bath. The supermarket has apparently cut short a multi-million pound promotional deal with the player after his antics in the World Cup. Wal-Mart is showing more tolerance towards shoplifters, though. The Sunday Express reported it was to let off thieves who steal goods from its US stores worth less than £13.50.