Bread was the talk of the newspapers last week, with The Mail on Sunday and The Guardian turning their attentions to the steady rise of bread manufacturer Warburtons while The Daily Telegraph and the Mirror brought us the news that the average price of a loaf of bread had broken the £1 barrier for the first time.

According to the papers, shoppers who want Kingsmill Good as Gold, Hovis Best of Both or Warburtons' white sliced bread will have to fork out up to £1.09 in Tesco, Sainsbury's or Asda.

The advertising of alcohol was another hot topic, with The Daily telegraph and the Daily Mail covering a senior doctor's call for a complete ban on advertising in sport. According to Professor Ian Gilmore, head of the Royal College of Physicians, a total ban was necessary to deal with the "rising tide of deaths" from alcohol.

The Independent also had an alcohol story - the potential privatisation of Czech brewery Budejovicky Budvar. According to the paper, government ministers have confirmed that they will discuss privatising the 102-year-old business.

Ofcom's publication of its new rules limiting junk food advertising made the majority of the papers. The Times focused on the fact that chips could still be advertised under the rules while the Daily Mail and The Guardian covered the criticism by health groups that the ban did not go far enough.