Banned additives found in baby ­medicines were the talk of the newspapers last week thanks to a damning report by the Food Commission. The Daily Express picked on infant care brand Calpol in particular because, according to the report, it contains a restricted dye. The paper said that certain additives found in baby medicine were known to cause allergic reactions and stomach upsets.

The Daily Mail brought more bad news with findings that most Britons will be obese within 25 years. According to a scientist at Oxford University who is advising the government, obesity levels will rise so much that it could lead to the first drop in national life expectancy for two centuries. In 1980, 8% of adults were obese, but this rose to 23% in 2006 said the paper.

The future of curry label Patak's also made the headlines after the Indian food empire was put up for sale with a £200m price tag. The Independent said the company was reviewing strategic options for the future of the business and was on the hunt for an equity ­partner or buyer.

Morrisons, however, deemed that it was thinking of putting itself up for sale (The Independent). In his strategic review for the supermarket, chief executive Marc Bolland was expected to resist pressure to sell off its stores. The Daily Mail said that the review would include an overhaul of the company's image, new products and reconfigured stores.