Cadbury Schweppes' expertise lies with chocolate rather than chewing gum in the UK, but the tables may be turning, according to reports this week.

The Times announced the confectionery giant had stolen a 15% share of Britain's £240m chewing gum market just two months after putting its Trident brand up against Wrigley. The paper, which cited Nielsen figures, said Trident had gained the number-two spot, overtaking Wrigley's Airwaves brand.

There wasn't such good news for the company regarding its chocolate, however. In a blind taste test of Easter eggs carried out by Which? the company's Triple Easter Egg Delight and Dark Easter Egg Delight fared exceptionally badly. The judging panel, which included members of the Academy of Chocolate, even described Cadbury's milk chocolate egg as 'stale', according to a piece in The Daily Mail. And it isn't just Cadbury that will be fighting negative PR. Masterfoods, Nestlé Rowntree and Bendicks also found themselves in the firing line in a story in The Independent that revealed packaging of Easter eggs can weigh almost as much as the chocolate itself. Meanwhile, The Independent on Sunday focused on cider's rise in popularity and blamed the shortage of British apples on the drink's celebrity status. According to the paper, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Kate Moss and Prince William are among its fans thanks to its status as the perfect summer drink when served over ice.