Complaints made the headlines this week, despite the season of goodwill fast approaching.

The Sun attacked Masterfoods, claiming it was skimping on the amount of Galaxy Truffles in Celebrations.

According to a snap Sun probe into four Celebrations boxes there were more than three times the amount of Mars Bars as Galaxy Truffles. One chocoholic was quoted as claiming Masterfoods was using "scrooge tactics" while the manufacturer claimed the mix was down to consumer research.

The Mail on Sunday ran a piece about how a tiny toy pole dancer has been scrapped by Marks & Spencer after just one week on sale, following complaints from incensed customers.

The gyrating eight-inch-tall bikini-clad blonde was apparently too much for shoppers, so M&S whisked her off the shelves.

The Daily Express reported that the Duchess of Cornwall ducked out of a visit to Matthew Walker's Christmas pudding factory due to a bout of gastroenteritis.

The Sunday Mirror claimed store bosses are exploiting a loophole in Sunday trading laws so they can stay open longer in the run up to Christmas. The paper claimed businesses fear they will miss out on vital shopping hours as Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday - so they are allowing shoppers to browse the store an hour before the tills open in a bid to get around the law.