Headline writers had a field day this week when the nationals finally cottoned on to the fact that cheese can't be advertised to children on TV any more under the new Ofcom proposals. The ruling was branded as 'crackers' by both the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express, which ran comments from the National Farmers' Union and the British Cheese Board, which hit out at the FSA classification that a portion is 100g, whereas it said an average serving of cheese was only 40g.

Not content with upsetting cheese manufacturers, the FSA is also likely to find itself removed from the Christmas card list of bottled water manufacturers thanks to a story in the Daily Mail about its decision to offer only filtered tap water in its offices.

According to the paper, the FSA said the move would help cut the waste, energy and transport costs involved with bottled water.

It wasn't all bad news for the industry this week, however, with brewers and spirit manufacturers at the receiving end of some positive press coverage for a change.

The Daily Mail reported on fresh findings from a Dutch university that a daily tipple can cut the risk of heart attacks in males.

The study used data on 11,711 men with high blood pressure and indicated that one or two alcoholic drinks a day can have the same effect as regular exercise or a healthier diet.