The outbreak of H5N1 at the Bernard Matthews farm in Suffolk and the culling of 160,000 of its turkeys made all the papers at the start of the week, with some playing the blame game and others more concerned about the potential risk of the virus spreading to humans. The Mail on Sunday asked why it took Bernard Matthews 48 hours to report the outbreak while The Independent on Sunday asked whether the turkey company could bounce back.

The other major grocery issue that grabbed the headlines was the potential £9bn takeover of Sainbury's by private equity firms KKR, CVC Capital and Blackstone. On Saturday the papers were full of the details of the potential takeover and the resulting 14% rise in Sainsbury's shares, but by the next day there was already talk of whether the leak has sent share prices soaring so much that it had scuppered any prospect of a bid. Asda, meanwhile, found itself in hot water because of its decision to stock a size zero fashion range. The G-21 range, from its fashion label George, will include clothes that go down to UK size four - the equivalent of size zero in the US. According to the Daily Mail, the range will be targeted at adult women and teenagers although the typical waist measurement on a size zero skirt is just 22 inches, the average size for an eight-year-old girl. The Daily Mail also focused on Asda's plans to introduce out-of-hours doctors' surgeries in its stores.