The bogof pricing mechanism would send shivers down the spine of some of the smaller cheesemakers we’re championing in our Dairymen Cheeseboard this Saturday. But the nation’s biggest Cheddar brands are addicted to the short-term hit they get in terms of sales volumes.

We asked the industry – and promotional experts Blue Chip Marketing – to suggest some more imaginative ways to sell Cheddar that could tempt the big brands – and retailers – to kick the deep-discounting habit.

After all, there’s a long-term danger in over-reliance on an ‘always on’ promotional strategy, as Blue Chip’s creative director Stewart Hilton puts it.

“Unfortunately, it gives each of these ‘high-low’ brands large spikes and deep troughs in their demand curves and ultimately makes the shopper loyal to the offers, not the brands,” he warns.

As you can read in our feature this Saturday, some innovative approaches were presented on how suppliers and retailers can try to break the habit of a lifetime. Ideas were thrown into the mix from the soft cheese category, Magners cider – and even top-shelf magazines.

My own idea of a coffee shop-style loyalty card (collect four stamps and get a block of Cheddar free) was given short shrift. Most of our experts agreed it would be too difficult to administer in store. But Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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