It backed the four premium flavours ­ Strawberry, Chocolate with chocolate sauce and Blackcurrant and Raspberry swirl versions with fruit compôte inside as well as on top ­ with a £7m marketing spend. TV ads depicted the products as far more interesting than family dramas.
Despite problems with other recent launches, such as Main St Bistro, Heinz seems to have its calculations correct with Deeply Delicious, because the range has done well. Information Resources puts sales at £6.6m across all outlets up to the week ending April 20, 2003, while Heinz's own figures are a little higher at £7m. Either way, the total is likely to equate to a high ranking in the frozen desserts section of The Grocer's next annual Top Products survey.
The company also claims a 15.5% share of frozen cheesecakes and nearly 3% of frozen desserts.
A frozen foods buyer for one of the multiples, said distribution was good and described the brand as "holding its own" with the chocolate flavour doing particularly well.
The brand has had fewer price promotions than is usual in the highly-competitive, price-driven frozen desserts arena ­ a move by its owner to keep value in the sector.