A range of ‘plugged in’ Scottish raspberries has gone on sale in Tesco.

The Glenample variety, grown in Tayside by Angus Soft Fruits, is picked and packed on the stalk, leaving the hard inner core of the raspberry, or ‘plug’ still in place. Tesco is marketing it under its Finest label.

Lochy Porter, md of Angus Soft Fruits, said: “By keeping the plugs in place, the raspberry can be grown for longer, and we can pick them at exactly the right time.

“This results in a sweeter and juicier fruit and also prevents the raspberry from breaking up once inside its packaging.”

David Chamberlain, Tesco’s soft fruit buyer, said: “This is a great idea, giving customers throughout the UK the opportunity to try what we regard is one of the finest varieties of Scottish raspberries ever developed.”