The latest whisky release from The Glenrothes distillery, a 12-year-old malt, is due to be released next month.

The 1994 vintage is the latest expression from the Speyside distillery. It is described as having an emphasis on citrus, spice and vanilla, with an added twist of lemon zestiness on the finish.

The company said it was able to produce some of the most well-balanced and flavour­some single malts, due to a combination of its very tall stills, slow second distillation and its cask management policy.

Whisky expert Martine Nouet said the 1994 vintage was "a stimulating dram with lots of depth and distinctive punchiness on the palate and distinctly different. The nose is of fruit gums, fresh apple and a touch of gorse."

The Glenrothes 1994 Vintage Malt, which is a bright gold colour, will be available in 70cl and 75cl bottles, with a retail price of £37 for the former size variant.