Frozen food leaves a hole, but home grown potatoes please

Only Somerfield, Wallsend, and Sainsbury, Roath, checked in full baskets this week. But the laurels went to Sainsbury for the cheapest one at £39.69. 

Frozen food was the main culprit for out of stocks with Asda, Plymouth, and Tesco, Huntingdon, both running out of Birds Eye fish fingers. The Scottish Co-op had major freezer problems with its cabinets two-thirds empty and signposted with apologies. Again 24-hour shopping was blamed by customers for the empty shelves at Tesco, Winchester. This in part was confirmed by the later than usual shopping trip to Tesco, Huntingdon, where the store was heaving with shoppers.

On fresh produce another gripe came from our Scottish shopper about the spread of metric-only weights. Three weeks ago Somerfield came under fire, this time it was the Co-op. Lower potato prices and the fact they were all home grown was noted this week, the best buy being Safeway's spuds at 13p/454g. Tomatoes too, apart from Tesco, Huntingdon, were also home grown. 

Other best buys were Safeway's hefty price cuts on sausages, orange juice and Andrex toilet rolls. Somerfield's 66p off Home Fries Crinkle Oven Chips were also tempting at £1.33.