A whopping 95 score from the Morrisons in Cheadle Heath included a full basket, but the store impressed all round, with its wide airy space, excellent displays, high quality store and checkout staff and short queues.

Asda Stafford was second highest for availability with just one out-of-stock item. Promotional displays were somewhat lacking but there were a vast number of services including carpet cleaning equipment hire. Plenty of shop floor staff made it easy to find someone. and the shopping experience was a “pleasure.”

Tesco Londonderry Lisnagelvin was neat, tidy and well run. Products were well organised and just one re-stocking trolley caused obstruction even though there were quite a few around. Promotional displays were relevant but not enticing or attractive. The majority of staff were easy to find except in fresh meat. Queues all moved quickly at the checkout.

The entrance to Waitrose Chesham was “claustrophobic” due to a large wine re-stocking trolley. Many more through the shop narrowed aisles but didn’t cause obstruction. Deli/meat and dairy were at opposite ends of the store but signage was useful. There was only a slight queue at the till, but no help was offered with packing.

Road markings in the car park at Sainsbury’s Telford “weren’t as clear as they could be.” In store the Summer Sorted campaign was promoted. Cages of empty boxes were seen down a number of aisles and some assistants looked “scruffy.” The checkout queue was over four minutes.